13 Sep

Parenting – it’s chaotically beautiful. I saw this message on a Huggies billboard, and I thought that’s exactly what it is! And from there Pretty Chaotic was born!

I am a mother of 2 1/2, i.e. my Husband (as suggested by a friend), my daughter and my baby to be… Which very soon will equal 3.

Day to day life is, interesting, to say the least. A very active 2 year old running around can test you in many ways not to mention stop your goals of cleanliness (which is next to godliness or so I hear) right on track! With her now in school I’m trying to regain that state of bliss I once lived in when I paid bills on time, knew where to find things and kept things organized. Note not necessarily neat 🙂 but… organized!

I cloth diaper, use some natural products, try to be green in day to day living all while trying to be housekeeper, mom, cook, work at home mom just to name a few.

The life of a mom… pretty chaotic 🙂


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