Home Management – The Wall Calendar

19 Sep

I just had to write that after posting last night, I managed to sit on the floor and map out my calendar onto my white board despite not having any ruler! This is no joke when I say I use my seamstress (sewing) measuring tape to measure everything in this household! For a long time it was because I had no measuring tape to use, and now that I’ve gotten one, my sewing measuring tape is just so much easier to grab! It’s been a lifesaver 🙂

So thanks to my sewing tape and the bottom of the whiteboard where you put your dry erase markers and board eraser, yea imagine pathetically that’s what I used, I managed to map out my calendar in my nice pink permanent marker! I made 3″ x 4″ boxes and did a 5 x 7 which measures 20″ x 21″. Room for error equaled some boxes not being perfect but there is no way in hell I’m sitting to do that over! Even I’m not that anal!

So I created this to map out what’s going on for the month so everyone can see who has what on what days (no more quarreling with hubs about him going to football cause I didn’t know, dammit!) I’m also using it to manage my job where I see what days artwork will be due etc. and of course any days off of school and general appointments etc. that I may otherwise forget cause I just don’t use a phone the same way I used to.

I keep a calendar on my phone which I try to sync with google, which conveniently, something always goes wrong, my dad will tell me computers don’t make errors humans do, I REFUSE to believe it’s always my fault, I think computers/electronics can be the craziest items ever created!

So hopefully having it written may help all the madness. Note well, hopefully…


One Response to “Home Management – The Wall Calendar”

  1. Mrs.Israel September 22, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    I think your lines look amazingly (is that a word?) straight!

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