Home Management – The Binder

20 Sep

Ok so this is my version of the Binder, you don’t have to do it this way by any means, if you like this idea I can update you as to how I make changes, seeing that when in use I may find wait this category makes no sense!

I have a 1″ binder that I got a pack from Pricesmart like 2 years ago, I have them all over the house in my attempts at organization; “sewing and soap stuff”, “baby stuff”, “magazine clippings”, “wedding”. They’ve been around a while just the white regular binders, nothing fancy. Some people have them as wide as the 3″ binder which if that’s all you have the USE IT! Don’t go out any buy something just cause you don’t have one exactly like mine! (Oh believe you me I’m tempted often to do exactly that, go out and buy!)

So materials:
Clear page protectors (page dividers are great too)
Post it tabs (or any tabs!)
All you info!

I basically had all these things on hand so I used them! I almost went to buy page dividers! Then thought stop being stupid save the money! (Oh how I need to adhere to stricter budgeting and being frugal rules!)

The front cover, I slipped a piece of coloured paper in and had these cute letter stickers from a scrapbook collection that a friend got for me literally 4 years ago, yup I’ve kept them there that long! N.B. if I ever say I’m doing a scrapbook project don’t believe me unless you see picture proof!

Now the inside are the clear page protector sheets with my little tabs stuck on, I figure what’s great about the post it ones is that I can probably use some rubbing alcohol to remove the written part if I REALLY wanted to reuse it!
I also have these really cute clip-rite tabs that definitely can’t be refused but are just visually appealing.

The tab dividers have the following categories:
Daily Routines – I’m trying to implement some flylady principles into my life (I’m not yet successful, but a girl can try!)
Calendar – This is for my monthly views calendar, this will be for the months that aren’t currently on my white board. (Whiteboard is current month)
Cleaning– This is my weekly cleaning plan, followed by detailed cleaning lists broken down for each room in our house.
Food – Weekly/monthly menu planner, grocery list, pantry inventory, fav recipes, recipes to try, price book (from our grocery shopping lists, so we know where what is cheaper)
Finance – any current bills to pay, once it’s paid it’s then filed away into the accordion file I have and then stuff are purged every 3-6 months.
School – any notices from my daughters school that are current anything that is reference is stored in the accordion file.
Hubby – any of his current quotes/invoices for his electrical business.

I have to tell you with regards to the food section, I end up putting the weekly menu planner on the fridge since I’m not yet in the habit of checking this book everyday and by the fridge I see it and know exactly what to do. Also the price book I keep the receipts from the store and have them on the fridge for quick reference, I also do write out the receipts contents into the pricebook but it’s a mix of both systems.

For a lot of my paper forms I got them at OrganizedHome in their printables section they have articles on putting together a household notebook as they call it. There are many other sites if you google, I found these to be the cleanest and most presentable, there are several people who sell ‘prettier’ ones on etsy if you’d like to go that route The Nest Effect is one but I know there are others!
K was googling more this lady has the best price yet! Life on Purpose this is her household notebook so cute!
TipNut has compiled a list for you here.

As you can see there is PLENTY available online! I’m going to be sure to post up my cleaning lists as well as my grocery list so you can have an idea!


One Response to “Home Management – The Binder”

  1. Mrs.Israel September 21, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    Flylady :)Oooo..I can't wait to become organised! 🙂

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