Houehold Cleaning – A Mom’s Task?

21 Sep

I wonder as I go through reading all these different organization systems such as fly lady especially, are we giving men the OK in our lives to just sit back relax and enjoy the fruits of our hard*** earned efforts!?

Let me expand a bit, women of today have taken on a very different position in life, we no longer are just the caregiver, we become part of the unit that is the home and contribute to the income for it’s upkeep. Women today are independent, hardworking, want a life of their own, that is, outside of the home.

When we come home we are still expected to cook, clean, do laundry make sure everything is in tact, isn’t this a crazy expectation, what has happened to sharing responsibility of these things?

Just a thought for you all to ponder over… also do you share household duties in your household? If so do you have a specific system in place to do so?

Share with us other moms whether it be it’s shared or it isn’t and your thoughts and views!

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