Reader Solution – Girl’s Bedroom

22 Sep

Tracy messaged asking me to help her decorate her daughters room, I have to admit I wasn’t quite prepared for a request like that but I’m very happy to help as best as I can.

Now I could just google this and put pictures, but I want to provide you with a real life solution that will help. A big problem we have here in Trinidad is having things done at a reasonable price. People love to over charge for items and if you don’t travel then you may not know any better.

I thought to myself a cupboard option will be so hard as a whole unit will not exactly be cheap! However, there is a great local company called Maray’s Kids N Stuff that has excellent quality items at great, and I honestly mean great prices! I typically have champagne taste mauby pocket in all areas of life, this is the first time I can say that I was able to find someone who fit my mauby pocket! 🙂

Ok so for a wardrobe, I will suggest this beautiful open concept one,

at $1,800 I think it’s a great unit that can be ‘customised’ to suite. A modification I may ask them to make is instead of shelves maybe do some draws, perhaps two draws to the bottom and shelving can be at the top.

At the moment, your little girl isn’t quite ready for a big girl bed so using the crib for now is the best option, and will even be great if it is a convertible one as you can convert to the toddler bed and continue to get great use out of it, which saves you some money! 🙂

For toys storage now, you can use the baskets underneath as suggested in the picture. If buying you can check places like Homes to Go in El Socorro, that place has great baskets and not bad prices if you ketch them on sale, I managed to find a nice one for $20TT! Or you can also try Bhagwansinghs, good ole Charlotte Street (I’m a huge town fan!) and lastly Chaguanas main road for some great deals.

If you’d like to make I have these GREAT basket tutorials that I saw on a blog The Mother Huddle, she has a total cloth option and an option that has plexi to the bottom to stablize so you can make it a bit bigger to store toys.

Now I also have a chest, I bought this chest at The Home Store and I have to tell you I was quarreling at the $380 price tag when I saw it online for $30us but then realized that would be a very hard thing to bring in and sucked it up, it has been the best toy storage box I have ever gotten and I love it to pieces and have more than gotten my money’s worth! You can sit on it, but for long term I wouldn’t recommend it as it’s showing signs of wear already after a year. Buy it for a temp solution! A long term one would be this one here.

Now your brown and pink theme! I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t show you any cute tree themes. Here is one

taken from ohdeedoh.

Painting an entire room in brown is a brave decision, which some people may not like. I LOVE brown, my living room is in brown and turquoise but I have to tell you though it’s ‘cozy’ it’s dark and isn’t bright and airy (I’m starting to think I want to repaint) just bear that in mind!

Another option is to do a light wall but paint with brown your pattern again another tree! Sorry!

Taken from cool kids rooms.

So my suggestions would be colour deciding whether you want a full one colour room, or you do an accent. I think an accent is a beautiful idea if you’re up for a challenge and a little more fun, painting the room in a neutral colour and going all out on wall is a great idea. You can have patterns like stripes,


Taken from a forum.

You can even combine the stripes and circles into one! Please let me know if these suggestions have gotten your creative juices flowing, if they haven’t let me know too and I can see how else I can be of some assistance to you! Thanks for taking the time to message to ask for the help! 🙂


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