My Cloth Diaper Decision

26 Sep

The following are the articles I wrote back in 2009 when I decided I was going to do cloth diapering! I have the diapers up in the cupboard as the covers I bought never fit her and I couldn’t put her in them alone otherwise we got wet with P, so I gave up on cloth diapering and for the first 2 months she was actually a disposable baby! Then my motivations changed, I got tired of always having to run out to spend $90 on a pack of only 42 diapers which would last a week and it was getting expensive! I started researching and came across Gdiapers, Grobaby (now called GroVia) and BumGenius.

Article starts here:
So after doing some extensive research I’ve decided that this is the way I want to go. I think disposables create wayy too much waste to even imagine, and since I’m going to be a stay at home mom (with assuming LOTS of time on my hands! Yes I laugh at myself also! 😛 ) I’ve taken the personal step towards being a little greener and making my own cloth diapers.

Now the biggest problem encountered is that we just don’t have as easy access to all of the ’supplies’ namely if I wanted to create an All-in-One diaper (aka the closest thing to a disposable!) I’m not able to purchase the necessary waterproofing fabrics. I find it amazing that we have such ‘good’ cloth stores but I’m telling you I don’t find a thing in there!

So my next post is going to be a couple pics of my finished cloth diapers in two sizes a preemie/doll size and a newborn size. Both very cute! You will see from the descriptions bellow the type of diaper I am sewing is a pocket fitted diaper, so I’ve combined two, as I want fast drying time and the ability to adjust the level of wetness protection. This type of diaper requires a cover.

Now I know we’re accustom to the typical thought of old time diapers with pins, but oh how things have changed! So I’m going to give a rundown of cloth diapers these days!

Take a look at the many different cloth diapers at DiaperJungle: diaperjungle


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