Cleaning Calendar

27 Sep

I have a cleaning calendar in place to help ensure that you get through all the necessary cleaning that you have to do in a months time and make sure that everything is deep cleaned as well. Now it’s a combination of FlyLady as well as S.H.E. (Sidetracked Home Executive cute huh!)

I have the card file system as the S.H.E.’s but I’m going to be honest I don’t remember to look at these cards, but just cause it doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work great for you! It’s basically you have a card file box with 3″ x 5″ index cards which you mark down all your daily to do’s on it, i.e. wash dishes, cook, sweep, vacuum can even be as basic as get dressed (brush teeth, clothes, moisturize). Then you have dividers for everyday of the week (I’ve done Monday, Tuesday, but you can do 1-31 for the days of the month) and the months of the year. If you do the traditional way you end up with 43 index cards. Versus I’ve done 40, I have four sets of the days of the week, which I think is just a lot simpler, it’s just me I like to see the day of the week more so than the date of the week, so the whole number thing just didn’t appeal to me.

Then there’s the fly lady system, she’s the home management binder (she calls it a control journal) based one, so you basically have a copy of your cleaning list and you cover ‘zones’ every week. I really liked that her own was Zone specific so then you got everything done throughout the house without it being overwhelming, so I incorporated this into my card file system.

Her Zones are:
Zone 1: The Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room
Zone 2: The Kitchen
Zone 3: The Bathroom and One Extra Room
Zone 4: The Master Bedroom
Zone 5: The Living Room

You create deep cleaning lists for them, and take 15 minutes a day to go through cleaning.

Now an important thing to note, as is pushed in flylady which I can totally agree with, she believes that before you reach detailed cleaning successfully throughout your home you have to de-clutter and remove all of the unnecessary stuff that exists in the space. Take a look at the Flight Plan for an idea of exactly how this works.

Ah the internet a truly VERY great resource which thanks to it we are able to compile things and make them our own.

Check out BlackFlipFlop’s version of the S.H.E. card system here, and tell me what you think. She even lets you in on her list of cards, I love that her cards are to the point and simple and very uncomplicated, she does what she has to with cleaning specifically so it doesn’t overwhelm her.

I frequent a website which had a little post “I Didn’t Clean My House” a mom saying that she’s hired in someone because as the lady who came to clean pointed out “Every woman has gifts, not every woman has the same gifts.” Don’t feel guilty if someone comes to clean, we have someone once a week now for the past month since I’m getting really tired, I’d so be lying if I said I was getting big, I don’t know where this child is I know he’s there but he isn’t showing it much!

I know that the once a week deep clean, cause she does a great deep clean! Fuels us to maintain for the rest of the week and it is TOTALLY worth it! (though honestly not the best way to spend our money when we’re supposed to be on a strict budget, but a happy mom is a happy home! Otherwise taming the shrew ain’t fun AT ALL!)

If she wasn’t here I’d be going crazy analyzing the whole process (as I have already) and I can tell you it’s difficult to keep up with maybe just because I’m lazy and not actually because it’s hard! Hey at least I’m honest! Washing clothes (which everyone usually hates!) is probably the only thing I honestly keep up with and don’t mind doing! 🙂 I am weird I know it!


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