Cleaning Calendar – Mine

28 Sep

Here’s a break down of MY cleaning calendar, I’ll probably have to do another post as well about the actual cards in the S.H.E. card file. For now I’ll cover what I’ve done in my Home Management Binder.

I have a Weekly Planner in my ‘Calendar’ Section which has the days of the week with my weekly plan which is:
Monday– Daily Quick Cleaning, change sheets, vacuum and mop, wash (bed sheets, kitchen and bath towels in current use)
Tuesday – Daily Quick Cleaning, 15 minutes in current zone
Wednesday – Daily Quick Cleaning, 15 minutes in current zone
Thursday – Daily Quick Cleaning, 15 minutes in current zone, clean bathroom
Friday – Daily Quick Cleaning

My Daily Quick cleaning list (got this from RealSimple and thought it was GREAT!)

My zones for the month are(you select one a week basically, check out FlyLady zones):
Bathroom (also got this from RealSimple, I added or removed things that would apply to us)

Kitchen (RealSimple)

Living Room & Bedroom (RealSimple)

I love the RealSimple checklists there the best that I’ve found, and looking at them again right now I’m thinking, hmm shouldn’t have left out the little notes to them, cause that makes them even greater! They even have an iPhone app for it that you can pull up these exact lists and customize them! Check them out you’ll love it 🙂

The calendar is pretty easy to follow and you’re really doing it for 3 days a week instead of one day to do everything. That helps to break it up as well as get everything done, even if it is in ‘pieces’. Eventually I’m sure it’ll become nothing much and you’d spend an hour to do everything one time and not even worry to break it up into days. It’s a pretty rewarding feeling to get through it bit by bit and that way everything is deep cleaned once for the month.

The bathroom is one thing, I think, needs to be maintained weekly the shower just needs a good scrub! I need to add into my daily quick cleaning spraying the shower with a water/vinegar solution (which is supposed to help prevent build up) then I can comment and if you can go longer than a week! 🙂


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