Cleaning Calendar – S.H.E. Cards

29 Sep

I’ve combined both the Flylady system with the S.H.E. system in these cards, I made lists to the back of the cards (because I didn’t want to have to check through so many cards) but I’m guessing I should have just written each task out on the card anyway! 🙂

I’ve colour coded my cards for the different ‘daily’, ‘weekly’ and ‘monthly’ tasks. As you can see in my bathroom daily quick clean those are the items that need to get done, usually you will write each action on a card to go through and feel accomplished as you move each card on to the next day :). I find these tasks so simple putting them on one card is ok as you’re able to get through the card and be done with that room for the day taking all of a minute and a half to do so! Even if it’s 5 minutes that’s still excellent!

The weekly tasks are things you do weekly, change sheets, wash towels, mop (depending on your area or lifestyle). Every cleaning calendar you see has to be customized to YOUR household as only you know the ins and outs of it, I sometimes sweep everyday as we’ve had a lot of traffic on that given week and I feel dust so I sweep it, use your judgement! 🙂

The monthly tasks I use the Flylady system where in you do a ‘zone’ approximately every week. That way you’ve done deep cleaning throughout your home and everything is kept spotless throughout. Don’t forget to check out the ‘zones‘ and make them you’re own! So I choose to do 15 minutes a day in my zone for the week on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, as you go along you can see how this works for you and adjust your schedule accordingly.

Please remember a habit is created after 2-3 weeks of repetition once a habit is formed it’s there to stay and you can reap the benefits of the habit! 🙂 If things don’t work don’t be afraid to CHANGE it! You control when and how you do things, I’m just giving you tips and hints as ways you may be able to go about organizing things! 🙂

Happy Organizing!


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