Cloth Diapers – Not so hard after all!

30 Sep

Part of my old cloth diaper articles πŸ™‚

A little update (ok maybe a long one); one of the BIGGEST misconceptions, (or even what people love to say to you to say oh well you’re not saving money anyway you should just use disposables) is that you spend the money you save in your water and electric bill. I am telling you that this isn’t the case in my experience, I used disposables for an entire month recently and my bill came up to be the same exact amount as it was in the prior months. I’m sorry but I can’t say that the time and effort isn’t worth it for me, they’re cute, functional, work a million times better than a disposable and if you’ve never tried it, you can’t tell me, I’ve used both ;).

It’s hard that people are so apt on trying to convince me how great disposables are! I’ve used them, I’m not forcing you to use cloth diapers, it’s my decision, so then why are you trying to force me to use disposables? Whichever you choose it’s totally up to you! I made the green decision to save money, avoid chemical exposure, I can tell you when my sewn diapers didn’t work for the first 2 months I used the disposables and rejoiced in them! But when the bills started adding up, I changed focus and went back to my cloth diapers and I’ve never looked back! πŸ™‚ I have to say, though disposables have chemical exposure, if someone buys them and gives them to me I will use them with no problem! πŸ™‚

I just have to add in a special note – for how much people have tried to convince me to use disposables, I just have to say a special thank you to my husband, who used cloth diapers without complaint and actually enjoys using them and saving money and has even begun to have his own preferences in the different types and styles! He’s happy with them and that really was something special to me, to have his support regardless of the grandparents picking up a pack of disposables to use for when she’s visiting them! πŸ™‚

And my article begins:
Everyone that hears I’m using cloth diapers typically starts with an ewww. You’re going to touch that! Hmm if only they knew. What you realise is when you have your own newborn you do plenty more than you ever expected and being peed and pooed on is one of those things! So inevitably if you’re avoiding it, it happens anyway! (E.g. we once had a diaper change that a poop was let out with such force it flew all over onto the floor hubs luckily jumped to the side and avoided being within range and my cousin stood there flabbergasted and what just occurred as poop was spread all over her floor luckily missing her bed! ;))

When it’s your child you’ll do anything! But not to mention it’s not ever as gross as anyone makes it seem. Naturally for us as adults we have an association with poop that isn’t too pleasant! Bearing that in mind breastfed poop is so clean you can’t imagine!

So get over your poop issues and jump on board the Cloth diaper wagon!

Next story – a little cloth diaper 101! (This will be a series of posts, from how many to buy, what you’ll need, types of diapers, diaper accessories, etc.)


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