4 Oct

As a mother there are many good and bad days, I’m sure you’ll be hearing about the bad ones a lot very soon when I’m swearing due to sleep deprivation. If it’s one thing I promise to always tell the truth even when it’s not so nice.

I have to tell you I dislike that people make parenting look like a fantasy and cherish the people who are very honest about it’s difficulty. (I try hard to be one of those people, usually saying ‘don’t have kids’ to anyone who’d listen, I actually said my goal was to convince at least one person that they shouldn’t! lol)

Parenting is the MOST DIFFICULT thing that will ever be put in front of you, and what makes it even more difficult, is if you do it the wrong way, the repercussions show in this poor little one. But what is also very difficult is there is NO right recipe, it takes a lot of back and forth, give and take and sometimes you’re trying to learn just as much as you have to teach!

I have a hyper active child! She is the sweetest most dear thing and God must really never give you more than you can handle, and apparently I can handle A LOT. Her hyperactivity is just because she’s intelligent and inquisitive and how can I give her wrong for that. I say almost everyday when everyone shares excitement that we’re having number two, that I am scared as hell for the combo of the two of them just based on what my daughter can teach him alone!

I envision going for a walk as one proceeds to run in the total opposite direction to the other as I shout stop, look like the crazy young mother ‘who can’t control’ her kids while some parents give me a look of understanding! I’m so going to need those kid leash things! I don’t care if they look like dogs, if it’s keeping them safe then it’s going to be used!

Ah Parenting… everything my parents didn’t tell me, that I’m now in shock and awe!


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