Life is a ketch@$$!

6 Oct

Why is it that when we become adults, it’s only then we realize how hard life really is? I have clearly lived a much more ‘pampered’ life than I ever imagined before and really began to see it as my husband and myself began to share a home. There are so many responsibilities to see about daily and though I am young, (23 to be exact), I certainly don’t live the life of a regular 23 year old. I myself sometimes want to sit down and eat chocolate whole day, and then think, I have an example to set for a child, so I can’t do that! (I try to sneak it at night instead ;)).

But having a home, rental or owned, is a responsibility I don’t think anything/anyone could have prepared me for, I remember many times muttering, if my father asked me to do chores, “why should I do these” and that makes me realize just how spoilt I really was, without even knowing it!

This is where my organizing has to try to come in to place, since I realize I really don’t even know the first thing about running a household, so now I sit here, teaching myself the skill. Homemaking is a skill, which inevitably in a very difficult thing to learn!

Then comes aside from the cooking, cleaning, washing, is the bill paying! Ah yes bill paying and I think this is where life being a ketch@$$ really comes in… everything is EXPENSIVE bills easily mount to $8000 a month, and when you’re on a starting salary trying to manage the bills plus the added expenses school, dr., it’s HARD.

This is where a lot of my try to save not spend comes in, yet being accustomed to never worrying about those things makes it hard. Our parents give us the very best they can and unintentionally that makes us very unprepared for what is to come. It all stems from taking it all for granted.

Never did I know that it’d be so hard to manage the finances, but here I am getting by day by day, somehow, sometimes even with help, but doing it. I must say, even I’m impressed 🙂


2 Responses to “Life is a ketch@$$!”

  1. Wahzat Gayle October 7, 2011 at 2:27 pm #

    life is so expensive… somedays I wish I could revert to life when I was 23. before children and though I worked, I really didn't worry about anything I handed my mother the money for bills and she dealt with everything. Spoiled rotten LOL. But once I was on my own I floundered for awhile. I am planning to guide my children to be better at being self sufficient.

  2. Chaotic Mom October 9, 2011 at 9:15 pm #

    Lol, everyday is definitely a learning curve. I hope when time comes to teach that I don't do a too bad and that all these years of trying to find the rights and wrongs benefits me! 🙂

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