Being a Mother is the HARDEST thing you’ll ever do!

9 Oct

I think I downright terrified a friend Friday night when I told her that, she said oh gosh you make it sound so bad. I knew I had to rephrase, I said no it’s not bad, it’s hard, and too few people admit that and make it look like it’s easy when really it’s a very difficult thing!

Being a mother means giving of yourself in ways of which you never expected, and you either do it or you don’t. It’s a lot of sacrifice and not everyone always has the help!

My husband and I have done this alone, yes grandma is there and will come to watch her on an evening if we ask to go out to the movies, but it is not as often as you would think nor is it the usual help that people have and can depend on. I always say when you have have kids at our age, it equals not as much help, since our parents are still young and have lives, and can only help or do so much!

But we’ve always said our child is our responsibility, so though there may be days when we go to the Dr. and grandpa watches her, for the majority she’s with us and that is a full time, 24/7 thing.

I’ve been called an extreme mother because at 23 I should be partying and liming right? Well that really isn’t true, motherhood is sacrifice, not everyone has a grandmother to drop the kids off on a Friday night to go liming, and honestly if I did, I wouldn’t I still enjoy our 2/3 hour runaway to a movie instead rather than going out to some place to drink. (I’ve really never been much of a drinker anyway). I’m not saying that going out to do those things is wrong, if it’s what you like then that’s okay. But for me I’m just fine, and if that makes me extreme, then sobeit.


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