Recipes – how many do we need?

10 Oct

Funny last night I was reading my Organizing book and came across the part where for recipes different methods to store and keep them and they said that being honest with yourself if you’ve only used a book for one or two recipes, then copy those out and get rid of the book! There is sooo much online now and you can even read peoples views and thoughts on the recipes tried and any modifications they may have made to improve it!

Now here I am reading the October goal of getting rid of Paper Clutter on FlyLady and here it’s the almost same suggestion!

“5. Recipes: We SHEs are addicted to cookbooks and recipes. But how often do we use them. We dream of being this wonderful cook, but the truth is we cook the same ole things all the time. What happens when you want to find a recipe you saw in some magazine or some cookbook in your library or drawer of recipes. You can’t find it! I have reduced the number of cookbooks that I have. Only the ones I love have I kept. Also my Sweet Darling is a wonderful cookie baker. He has his very own cookbooks. I had to be very careful when decluttered our cookbooks. I accidently took his favorite cookie cookbook with adjustments for years of testing to the truck to be given away. I was lucky, he missed it and I had not taken them to the Humane Society Thrift Shop.LOL So as you clear this clutter, make sure they are yours to give away.”

I have all of 2 cookbooks and any I like online I write them into the ones that I have and to be honest of the 2 I have I really only use one! Hey if you see how tiny my kitchen is you’d understand why I’ve never gone too crazy with recipe books and just have some ebooks saved instead! Ah organization!


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