My Cleaning Card BOX! DIY Tutorial :)

13 Oct

Ok so I revamped my whole cleaning card system which has been sitting in a box not being seen, and well not being used. And since I brought it out to show you guys I decided that I should spruce it up so that it becomes more functional. I wanted something that was open and right in front of my face so I’d be forced to see it and actually use it!

So lets start
Stiff cardboard – I used corrugated board which I have a sheet leftover from the wedding. This one sheet can do several boxes I made two and still have plenty left!
Hot glue gun – I think if you continue following me you’re going to learn how to be a hot glue gun MASTER!
Decor – anything cute you may like to spruce your box up with, I used ribbon, again cause I had wedding leftovers

You’re going to cut a
Front piece – 6 1/2″ long x 3″ high
Back piece – 6 1/2″ long x 4 1/4″ high
Bottom piece – 6 1/2″ long x 3 1/4″ wide
3 angled sides – which you can cut out a 3 1/4″ wide x 4 1/2″ high to give yourself some wiggle room to cut the angle out.

And now you assemble! Take the back piece and lie flat stick the first angled side, I have made this box to hold my 3″ x 5″ index cards so I placed one on the back and just used it as a guide as to wear to stick the angle side, I’m basically making a little storage compartment to the side of the cards to hold pens πŸ™‚

Then add the ends

Add the base to stabilize the ends which will be a little flimsy, don’t worry once you add the base it’ll be significantly stiffer.

Now we will add the front of the box, stick the bottom first then run the glue along the angle sides to help cement it in. That’s it! You’re done! Wasn’t that SUPPERRR easy! Here is your finished box

I decorated my box just by running a line of hot glue around it and sticking down some ribbon. Just to add a little pretty πŸ™‚ it can never hurt!

Now fill it up with your cleaning cards and pens and enjoy!


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