MY Cloth Diapers – Pics so you can see what they look like!

14 Oct

Omg so I’m a nerd I selflessly admit this to all friends and family. I LOVE my cloth diapers, and to be honest even if saving money wasn’t the reason, I’d still do them environmentally wise it’s fantastic! Anyhoo let me not go on about how happy cloth diapers make me (see told ya I’m a nerd)!

You all I’m sure think I use white cloths that are pinned and then I put on some plastic pants. Diapers have changed SO much so this is what a stash looks like!

This is a handmade cover that I got from a Mom on FB who runs Tiny Tukus Cloth Diapers so I got to choose the prints I wanted and they look FANTASTIC!

These I’ve singled out cause I think they’re so cute! They’re Grovia brand ones.

My cute diapers in different colours, I went with some more neutral stuff, I actually sold the old pink stuff I had to buy stuff that would be ‘neutral’ but I couldn’t resist the purple, purple flower and pink covers wayy too adorable to pass up!

And YUP you can sell your cloth diapers when you’re finished using them, it’s HUGE, there is a site dedicated to it called DiaperSwappers. Most of what’s in this pic I got off of it! Great deals!

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