My Cloth Diapers a lil 101 – Types I have

17 Oct

Now my preference are all in ones and hybrid diapers (hybrid you have the choice of using a disposable insert, you’re probably thinking doesn’t this defeat the purpose, these are biodegradable and contain less chemicals as compared to traditional disposables, or you can use a cloth insert, I use cloth)

This is what an all in one looks like I use two different ones, I like to get organic/natural fabrics and that’s why these specific ones and brands are my choice, they’re cute and work great too! 🙂 I’ve chosen the organic/natural fibers because they don’t have the tendency to hold in gunk and don’t need ‘stripping’. When you don’t wash some unnatural fabrics properly it beings to repel the pee and you can imagine repelling ISN’T a good or fun thing! The left is Grovia AIO and the right is BumGenius Elementals.

The inside of both of them basically has everything all sewn in, hence the all in one, it’s the soaker, and the waterproofing all together.

Then the hybrid diaper is a cover, which you place the insert into. So below are the covers, outside and the inside. These are GroVia’s again, but a different option that they have known as an AI2. They come in a ‘hook and loop‘ version which is on the left the flowers one, and a ‘snap‘ version which is the purple to the right.

The insert snaps into it like below.

It’s really simple even Hubby likes them and expressed what he’d prefer for me to get to use with number 2 (I did ignore him slightly). If you have any questions feel free to ask! 🙂


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