Constipation – the not so great journey!

18 Oct

After a week of constipation thanks to switching milks to ‘save some money’ instead we gained a big huge problem where my daughter got constipated and now refuses to go and holds it in for days. Talk about being overcome with feelings of sheer stupidity all for the means of saving a dollar, as we’ve of course spent hundreds trying to get the issue sorted out.

What we’ve discovered is that toddlers have the willpower that is far more powerful than any adult we’ve ever met including ourselves! I say this because the dedication it takes to hold it in when you feel to go 2/3 times a day is miraculous! Any of us will say when we get the feeling we go, but for her it’s followed by breathing to ease the urge and choruses of ‘it’s ok’. Yip she even soothes herself, then the feeling goes and she goes back to being her for the while and running about.

It irks me is that if we never switched milk, she’d be going as per usual all now and probably even doing some number two’s in the potty as well! But we are dealing with this, which at times is so frightening especially when she manages to hold it in for 5 days and cause herself some extreme pain when she can no longer hold it in!

What did the doctor recommend?

We started with diet, it was broken down like this, 1. drink plenty water, when that isn’t working go to 2. eat lots of fruits – especially ripe mango and paw paw. When that still isn’t doing it 3. prunes, whether it be juice, eating them plain or stewing them when that fails too 4. adding liquid paraffin. Steps 1-3 are the ‘natural’ method and the place you’d ideally like to be our doctor told us. Natural of course always sounds great to us! 🙂 But there’s a step 5. as well, a stimulant called orvilax drops, which of course is once all the stool is soft you’re trying to stimulate it to come out so then she has no choice and can’t hold it in and allow it to become hard. After 4-6 weeks of all of this should give her the confidence to go normally, wow this is a process!

My logic is if her regular stool is soft, and it’s her holding it in is what’s causing the real trouble then the stimulant should make her want to go and therefore she will get comfortable with the idea realising that it’s no longer hurting the same way. So I still screen her diet, not very strictly, and have stopped use of the liquid paraffin, I really can’t support consuming a petroleum based product when I don’t even use petroleum jelly on her bum! (Yes I’m that extreme! ) SO I have to report there are 4-5 day hold isn’t anymore it’s gone back to more less the every other day, but I’m working on it going back to the 2/3 times a day! No matter how hard that was diaper wise, now I appreciate it more than ever because watching her go through this has been torturous.


2 Responses to “Constipation – the not so great journey!”

  1. iShellz October 18, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    Haven't gone through this myself but thanks for the heads up. I didn't think about changing milk even though it does cost a lot (Enfamil) but now I won't for sure. I know how it feels to have a tight budget because my hubby and I are on the same page. Despite that, we try our best to give our daughter the best rated stuff. This means we would cut down A LOT on stuff for ourselves (hardly any dates, limes, eating out, no shopping for clothes, try to stretch my eyebrow threading appointments). Times in T'dad are tough but we can still survive. Thank got for our little business cause we would be in deep POO! (thought that word would totally fit in with your article).Great read once again!

  2. Chaotic Mom October 18, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    She's on KLIM at this stage as she's over 2, I think we even switched to it since she was 1, we used Nestle Goodstart (always loved this formula) before 1. But you won't believe it's dairy dairy is what we used that caused the whole issue to begin with! So much for being local and something we'd want to support! Never again! I've cut down on all of that plus more, we're just now trying to get the hang of things in general and it really isn't easy and is very very stressful!

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