How about we MAKE some money instead of trying to SAVE!

19 Oct

Everyone is always talking about how to save money! Well here’s a tip for how to MAKE some money! Over our lifetimes we gather up A LOT of clothing and general stuff around the house that just becomes clutter! Thanks to FlyLady and the Organizing book that I’m reading I’ve been just emptying everything in sight! Usually we just give this stuff away or try to have a Garage Sale which is usually hard to set up and then people end up disappointed when it’s not stuff they need.

Thanks to mom group’s on FB especially TriniMoms who is basically somewhere you go when you have something used to sell or you’d like real life mom opinions on a school/dr etc. it makes it easier to get rid of things because it’s targeted.

A common thing we do when we have something that we’ve paid a lot of money for we try to get rid of it at almost the same cost even though it may not actually be worth the value! It’s something psychological in us that says well I paid $3000 for this I should be able to get back $2000 at least! And then therein lies the problem, when people are buying used they’re looking for bargins and well that isn’t a bargin! So if you said you have this excellent breastpump for $1000 you probably will be a whole lot more likely to get rid of it than at the $2000 you were hoping for.

This brings me to clothing, when baby is new we gets LOTS of clothing as presents so much so we hardly even have chance to use it (unless you’re lucky like me to have this tiny tot who could still fit into a 9 month onesie if it wasn’t for those big cloth diapers!) as a result items are basically in GREAT condition and you have it there packed away cause… it no longer fits.

Then you can’t find someone within the family to give it away, or sometimes you do, but for those who don’t have the family option and need the money anyway why not have a sale! I decided ok it’s sitting there I’d probably just giveaway to the next candidate I find to get rid of it so why not try to find someone who really NEEDS it and is looking for a bargin! Hence the $5 sale! I know that if anyone told me they had clothes for $5 I was running to see what they had! $5 is so easy to spend and it gives people the incentive to just pick up and go, versus if you had it at the $10/$20 people would hesitate more in their purchases. Think about it wouldn’t you? I know I’d hesitate!

So that’s the magic number $5! Why not go through your closet and see what items you can have a $5 sale with!

This applies for so many other things, strollers, toys, baby furniture, stop hanging on to it and expecting to make a buck just get rid of it and you’d be happy for a return and the space!

Happy purging! 🙂

One Response to “How about we MAKE some money instead of trying to SAVE!”

  1. iShellz October 24, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

    Great way to try and get back some of the $$$ spent for sure. Unlike me, I am only on baby #1 and hoping to be blessed with at least one more eventually, so for now I will be keeping every little thing…even the hand-me-downs my daughter got from her boy cousins (just in case I have a boy next round lol). SO by then they would be hand-me-downs x2! Five bucks for stuff in TTD is unheard of unless it's pure crap but I know for sure it won't be, coming from you. I wish I could clear out half her stuff already but I am hanging on to every little thing…just in case 🙂

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