Potty Training – Realisations

24 Oct

Potty Training – Realisations
When potty training begins, you begin to realise that asking all the time if he/she needs to wee wee or poo poo equals you spending A LOT of time asking that question. What never dawned on me was that when I asked and got a yes initially it wasn’t that my daughter was getting any better at potty training, but I simply just caught her at the right time. I thought potty training would be something we’d have to initiate and introduce. But what I’ve actually realised is it’s all about them!

He/she will take the initiative when they’re ready to do it all on their own and come to you saying they need to wee wee or poo poo, or actually never come to you at all! Go do their thing and go back to being them.

I thought the peeing on the floor was going to last forever; I tried to keep her diapered as much as I could but then when she’d come out the bath she loved naked time and I couldn’t deprive her of that. So she proceeds (I can’t say proceeded, she still does this!) to go about her playing as per usual in her birthday suit! Ah how I wish I could be a kid all over again! When time came to wee wee she’d go anywhere with no shame or boundary, actually I have to give her credit if she was on the bed, she’d usually climb down and go on the floor to the side of the bed (God bless her!).

What I found particularly entertaining was the time she went on the living room floor, went into the bathroom got the hand towel – she sees me clean up after her every time with one of the cleaning cloths, so hey the hand towel must be the same thing! – and she proceeded to wipe up her mess. I thought well if you’re so smart and can do that, then why can’t you go in the potty! (I kept all these thoughts and comments to myself, her peeing on the floor was never an issue I always just said oops let’s clean it up and did so).

This has been going on for months now, and then just like that a week or two ago, I would go and she’d tell me she needs to as well, we’d do our excited yays and flushing ritual and it’s starting to become a norm. I realised it was time to bring back out the potty and put it so that she had her freedom – as I had packed it away thinking this may never fly, and just used to raise her up onto the toilet instead – and yesterday she must have been naked for over an hour, maybe more, every time she needed to go she proceeded to sit on the potty, wipe, wash her hands and go her way!

I have up a potty chart for her to build excitement for the whole wee wee, poo poo thing so I’d tell her come let’s put a sticker! As the day progressed yesterday she just did it all on her own didn’t even make a big deal or ask for a sticker, and went back to playing with her toys in her room!

I guess it really does just click and happen in weeks/month without even realising! That’s my girl!

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