Caption Competition – Win a Photoshoot!

3 Nov

So to all my fans thanks to hubby we’ve come up with a GREAT idea! I’m not sure how our fans feel about uploading pictures of their kids onto our page for a competition so what I’ve done instead is uploaded a picture for you, that you can caption! The caption with the most amount of votes will win the Photoshoot with Sarabay Photography!

If you were wondering what the idea he came up with was a themed photo contest where you were uploading pictures of things your kids have done that just totally represents the day to day life that is PARENTING! So pictures of your child climbing the table to dance, playing with your makeup, unrolling the toilet paper were all wins! 🙂 If you guys are comfortable with posting pics of kids let us know for future reference so that we’re able to run another competition to host this exact theme in the future!

For now we’re going to stick to the ‘caption competition’ as this can get hilarious! So take out those thinking caps and give us a caption that’s to die for! Share with family/friends/anyone you can find and get them to like your caption! Person with the most likes by 11th November (next week Friday) will win the photoshoot of their choice (family, couple shoots, pregnancy, baby, anything family wise basically)

Happy captioning! And GOOD LUCK!


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