Christmas Decor

4 Nov

So a while back I was asked to do a post on decor for Christmas Trees, and though I’m feeling the Christmas spirit I really didn’t find anything inspiring to really recommend.

However, I of course now that Divali is over have started looking again and I’m wondering if I can do Christmas on the cheap! šŸ™‚

Using google (my best friend EVER! no seriously ask my husband, babe she has a spot what should we do, he’ll say let me guess google it? lol) I’ve come across some GREAT websites for DIY Christmas decor! (Look we need to find a one the cheap way to do Christmas this year! It really technically isn’t in our budget, but our daughter is sooo excited by everything we can’t put up that 2ft tree we’ve been using for the past 2 years again and expect it to suffice!)

Better Homes and Gardens seems to be the place to be if you want to do some DIY decor!
Here are some links:
Felt Decor
Easy Ornaments Kids Can Make
Easy Christmas Tree Ornaments
Beautiful Handmade Christmas Decorations to Treasure

Here are some General Christmas Decor Ideas
Fresh Christmas Decor Ideas
Simple Ways to Decorate for Christmas
Speedy Christmas Decorating
Holiday Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces
Simple Step-By-Step Christmas Decorations

Ok looking at all of this is making me SO excited! If you only see my folder of picture ideas! Which now will be difficult to post for you guys because I haven’t saved where the hell I’ve gotten them from! Had no idea I could end up with so much or didn’t even think about sharing it!!!


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