Constipation – the update

4 Nov

So! I started the Orvilax drops 3 weeks ago and I can successfully say we’ve conquered it! Trusting my gut and ignoring the advice of the whole ‘stool’ softener thing via taking the liquid paraffin was a total success and I’m happy to say I have my daughter back! (She’s now sick though so next week smiles again!)

Basically I knew her stool were already soft the problem was that she was so afraid to go she kept holding them in, which inevitably dried them out! What she really needed was something to force her to go, i.e. give her the urge to go in order to make the problem go away.

Of course I pointed out the 5 steps to you last time 1. water 2. eat lots of fruits 3. prunes 4. liquid paraffin 5. stimulant orvilax drops. I wasn’t so serious about the diet this time around so yes I do watch and make sure she’s eating more wheat, more water fruits cause I mean these are things she should be eating anyway! But when it came to the paraffin I refused and just put drops in her milk every night to ensure she would go. She’s been going everyday for the past week and will come up to me to announce she’s too tooed and would liked to change her diaper!

Oh it’s sooo great to see her confident and happy! I’m very sure soon we’ll be doing those too toos on the toilet! *dance, dance*

Constipation conquered after 3 weeks! All I can say is stay AWAY from dairy dairy! (steups!)


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