A Possible Early Delivery

6 Nov

Friday we got a shock that we weren’t quite expecting yet! I highly contemplated hmm should I even write about this, and then I realised this all falls into the realm of ‘not getting too personal’ but then, how can we talk about ‘everything’ that is parenting when we choose to leave things out.

This exactly is parenting, the unexpected! And this is everything that makes parenting ‘Pretty Chaotic’.

I’m not due until 14th January, 2012, now my daughter came 3 weeks early and was technically a preemie though I don’t consider her as such as she went straight home with us and everything was ‘perfect’. But apparently I’m now running in the possibility of a baby coming at 30 weeks instead of 37! Am I worried or scared? No, the Dr. didn’t give us any reason to feel as though we should be, and explained everything that would occur and basically we have to see what’s going to happen.

Basically my amniotic fluid (water around baby) is low and what she’s looking for is a drop in the level by the time I go back to visit her on Wednesday. It dropping could signify that the placenta isn’t functioning properly and if is left alone can basically lead to even baby dropping weight, which of course we don’t want.

So yes I went through all of this before, except at a way later stage, but amazing, we don’t talk about these things, again I guess they’re too personal, but then wouldn’t it be great to hear when another mom has gone through it and happily declares I had my son/daughter at 27 weeks and he/she is healthy and happy!

Any of you out there have a preemie story you’d like to share?


One Response to “A Possible Early Delivery”

  1. Mrs.Israel November 18, 2011 at 2:11 pm #

    This post contains possibly the thing that is 'most true' (or is it truest….I don't know) about parenting!Parenting is the unexpected because you never know what is going to come next, or what funny thing your child will say or do next…but that makes parenting even more worthwhile!It's a fun experience, this parenting thing! While these kids may try to drive you crazy sometimes…it's an amazing experience to watch them grow and do new things…oh crap, I'm rambling here…sorry :(I just love it! :)That's all for now! :)Lisa.

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