Home Management – The Binder (How is yours going?)

11 Nov

I just found another website called Simplify 101 with a whole other project for a Command Central Binder and decided I’d join the mailing list and take a look at what it has to offer.

I’ve realised this home management binder thing just hasn’t been working for me! I really don’t check it daily, I feel as though I have no reason to honestly, and for me it becomes just another place to store more paper than I do already!

Yes it’s great I can check what I have due now right there in a clear file, but I could do that so easily through my regular expanding file folder so then why bother having two places to keep paperwork?

What I did was anything current I’d keep in my Home Management Binder and then once paid, I’d file it into the expanding file folder, but I realize I keep up to date with – what’s due when – easily by just making a note on my fabulous Home Management Wall Calendar instead! So then I just look at that and can easily check my expanding file folder to see any details (such as account number) if I need! Though honestly my calendar has so much space I put the amount due and anything I need there most times already!

So I think I’m going to get rid of my Home Management Binder, perhaps I really just don’t have as much paper clutter as I thought! (Which of course is a GREAT thing) so one less thing of clutter and one step closer to seeing how my day to day life can affect my ‘needs’ in terms of organization even! My command center IS my Home Managment Binder I’m happy to report! 🙂

In the meantime I’ll keep it here, and after another month of realizing I’m not using it, I’ll do something about it!

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