My Christmas ‘Trees’

14 Nov

So Saturday night, there I sit blowing nose every 5 seconds coughing every 3 and decorating my cardboard Christmas Trees and still enjoying it. Who knows what comes over me at times! After much debate I decided I’m sticking to a ‘small’ Christmas Tree though I think I’m going to upgrade from the 2ft to maybe a 3ft or 4ft tree instead.

I’ve put the small 2ft out into the living room (with my daughter’s table and all hehe) and I decided I needed to start revamping my decor to reflect Christmas. I have a mix of random glass stuff in this wall shelf that hubs made so for Christmas I’m going to switch some stuff out, add some things to the windows, and really make it feel like Christmas in here (I hope).

Here are some pics of the Trees I made that I got decoration assistance from my sister, if you know her, you’d know she was on an EXTREME roll that night giving me ideas on what and how to do it! (very impressed!)

And now some of the worst pictures you’ll ever see! (Santa I NEED a camera for Christmas!)


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