Family Journal

18 Nov

So I’m googling and going through stuff as always, I have no idea where I found this but I’m SO glad I did because it’s gorgeous! I keep thinking everyday as pregnancy/mummy brain gets unbelievably worse that I need to write stuff down more! I had a whole planner that for the first 4-5 months I wrote everything down with my daughter. But now though I take pictures I really don’t document things properly and I’m starting to get sad because I’m seeing the time flying and she’s getting so big and I don’t remember things from this day to the next!

So in comes this adorable family journal that I see on Naptime Journal and I’m so glad I found it!

The actual instructions for the journal are over at K McKay Designs and she has a free printout available to you to make your own too! I hope someone enjoys this as much as I do! 🙂

*edit* Here is a description of the family planner/journal: It’s basically a family planner – you have each calender month to record important family dates or things a child may have done and then a monthly summary. After the monthly summary you have ‘daily highlights’ which basically takes the place of your ‘individual’ days that you’d have in a planner.

Everything is undated for you to add it in yourself which I think is great because then you can use over the template year after year!

Then to the back you have a cute Kids Say the Funniest Things section as well as Notes section. (I do know of people who keep a little book separate for the funny things kids say, I think this planner is great because it incorporated everything!)


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