Budget Organizing

21 Nov

I found this great article on IHeart organizing and I thought isn’t this just all of us, doing something on a budget and if we have the items re purposing them for some great use! My favorite out of all of these has to be the decoupage soup cans that are covered with nice paper and re purposed for anything really! Those soup cans could even be used for kitchen utensils actually!

The only re purposing I’ve done of things in my house are jars/wine bottles that are now used as decor! 🙂 Oops was supposed to take a picture of that! I guess I got kind of sidetracked too with all the mission organization going on throughout the house! I have two things for you to look out for this week my family planner/journal as well as pics of my desk organization!

Hope you have a great beginning of week!

Here’s the article from IHeart organizing!

One Response to “Budget Organizing”

  1. Mrs.Israel November 21, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

    TheIHeart article is quite cute! The soup can idea is a good one! Not so sure about the ice tray one..especially with little hands around. And all of her labels are very neat and cute!I need to look around the house to seek where I (or my family) have 're-purposed'..I can't think off the top of my head what I've done.Looking forward to those two things 🙂

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