Christmas Decor on the Cheap

28 Nov

K let’s start it up! Christmas Decor on the cheap – I’ve tried Shoppers Freezone in Chaguanas but didn’t have much of anything, there was a store in Gulf City (now would be a great time to remember the name, there is a branch in Chaguanas too it’s a lighting store) that has cheap packs of balls no more than $20 and you got 6 medium in it and the smaller ones were $13 for about 8.

Excellent – has some nice stuff but you’re looking at about $15 per piece in the unique balls and various decor, which can definitely add up quickly!

All in one – had good packs of variety balls – roughly $40 for 4 in most cases (also a bit pricey) I even saw 4 for $55 which I was a bit too shocked about! They had a lot of nice fillers though from $7.99 and up most I got were in the range of $14.99-$16.99. If you’re looking for a Christmas tree as well All in One’s prices are excellent! 5′ for $399 and 6′ for $499 they are extremely full beautiful trees (see pic above)

All in One also had a beautiful tree on display that was GREAT for inspiration! Here are the pics!(A bit blurry sorry!)


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