Iron Board Deal – Reader Contribution

5 Dec

So I’ve gotten to you guys! Here you are shopping and you get inspired and taking a picture so that you can come share it with all the other moms on Pretty Chaotic! I’m so proud of you, apparently I even have to take a hint from you too!

Thanks to Jessie who was in Shoppers Freezone and spotted this! (I’ve seen this before and always balk at the price but Jessie’s breakdown is very accurate!)

Here is the breakdown – The 2 pics are of a storage unit and ironing board!! Cost $1095
Now if you consider it’s actually 3 things in one, and breaking it down you’d see its soo worth it!

It’s a shelving unit, which on its own would cost around $500-600 – ironing board, which would cost $250-300 and wicker baskets, which would be another $300 so sounds good!

An amazing find, especially when you do the breakdown as above! Thanks so much Jessie for taking the pics and sharing! Look out cause we have two more posts to share with you on Jessie’s finds! 🙂


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