Christmas Shopping!

9 Dec

*Update* Westport made an error yesterday and the prices I received were 50% off the original pirces! 😦
Toys below were from Westport unless I specified otherwise, but these were GREAT prices! I saw the same kitchen set I bought for $147.50 on Charlotte for around $400 and kept thinking that’s just too much! Talk about STEAL! I forgot to take a picture of the helicopter which I got for $180 that’s about 2ft big it’s a pretty large one, they had smaller ones from $125! (Hope it works on Christmas morning lol). The Helicopter I actually saw in Yips and was around $350+ for it.

This one was super cute and was something like $135 roughly

Learning Desk $155

Learning Desk $155

Kitchen $147.50

Clue $40

Twister $30

Nerf imitation gun – $40

Nerf set – $50

This I got on Queens Street the water shooter was $13.99 and the ‘zoom ball’ was $10 at the $10 Store on Henry Street

Just another stocking stuffer on Queen street $3.99

This tool set looks very impressive in person! $9.99 for it and it was definitely the most ‘real’ looking I’ve ever seen in cheap toys!


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