Christmas Shopping – being frugal

12 Dec

So I did Christmas on the cheap this year, I didn’t go out of my way to buy anything too expensive, especially as we couldn’t afford it and I got what would be considered ‘cheap’ toys for everyone. But not because I’m cheap, a friend actually advised all those expensive gifts she buys for her kids don’t even end up holding their attention for as long as the cheap toys do.

So want some ideas?

Woopie cushions
Fun Snaps
Small propelling toys (helicopters, cars)
Colouring Books
Anything that you find in the $10 store! 😉

Basically all those cool cheap toys that you see in a store and go oh cool I remember playing with this! It makes you want to be a child all over again and you realise look at that with all the expensive toys I was ever given I remember the ‘cool’ cheap ones! I know for me that reigns very very true!

Yes a camera may have been sweet! But nothing beats popping fun snaps and lighting starlites! Remember let the inner kid in you have some fun too! 🙂

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