Play Dough Recipe

19 Dec

So I searched for several different recipes online and after all of that I end up coming up with this one:
3 cups water
1/2 cup salt
3 tbs cream of tartar
3 tbs oil
3 cups flour

Mix water, salt, cream of tartar and canola.
Slowly blend in flour.
When blended turn on stove medium heat – stir constantly. Remove from heat and roll out to get any lumps out as well as add any food colouring you may desire.

Now I have to say hubs and I sat down to roll and mix and colour and wow was this batch a lot but I had 10 small containers for it to fit so it was perfect. However, I find that it was feeling a bit ‘crusty’ I’m not sure if I over cooked it or if it was drying out that quickly.

I’ll have to try another recipe and let you know how that goes. But all I can say is thank God I bought playdough 14 mini containers for $80 in Westport! Now I’m thinking about getting 10 for $125 of the big containers as well because apparently my making all natural play dough dreams are not coming true! Lol go figure!

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