My Breastfeeding Experience

20 Dec

With my upcomming breastfeeding – which I honestly DREAD! I thought this post couldn’t be more perfect! 🙂

A student messaged me asking if I could answer the following questions for her for a school paper she has to write and I thought the response was something I could share, as you can’t get more real than this! 🙂

Did you breastfeed or bottle-feed your child/children?
I bottle fed my daughter breastmilk for 4 months exclusively, I did at one point try a formula mixed with breastmilk bottle when she was around 2 months to see if it would make her sleep longer, but it didn’t so I continued expressing for her exclusively.

Why did you decide to breastfeed or bottle-feed your child?
My daughter couldn’t latch, so I met with a lady from tibs who gave me a nipple shield, which after reading about extensively on the internet realised it wasn’t the best thing in the world for her and my milk supply so at around 6 weeks I stopped using it totally and just exclusively pumped milk.

Exclusively pumping is something hardly anyone knows they can do or even does down here so I got a lot of support for it online.

Did you feel pressured when making the decision?
You have a certain ‘guilt’ association with not breastfeeding – it’s just everywhere and that whole discussion on trini moms is the PRIME example of it, people make you feel you aren’t giving your child the best just because you aren’t breastfeeding when in fact if your daughter/son is formula fed it’s perfectly fine. I’m a formula fed baby, my husband is a breastmilk fed baby and we are two totally different people – I’m healthy and allergy free and he has TONS of allergies! So it drove my point home even more that breastfeeding really doesn’t make anything that much better! Especially because all the ‘studies’ that they have that make those claims are just unsubstantial and outdated!

Did anyone have an influence on your decision?
My father kept insisting that I tried to breastfeed, I have a 5 year old sister who was breastfed up to the age of 4, they were so pro breastfeeding, but it didn’t take my sanity into account at all.

Breastfeeding HURTS A LOT, and when someone is gnawing away at your nipple and making you bleed no amount of “oh it gets betters” makes you feel any better!

That whole oh you’ll be closer to your baby because your breastfeeding for me was such SHIT I was angry every time I had to breastfeed because it was just horrible! The day I decided no more breastfeeding, I’m pumping only, was the day I was a MUCH happier mother for it!

I did something most people wouldn’t have even tried, pumping exclusively for her so I’m proud of myself for it and also glad that she got the breastmilk which according to everyone was ESSENTIAL for her well-being though I can’t say I still believe it!

If you breast-fed your child, how long did you breast-feed them for and why?
Think I answered this already but breastfed for 4months exclusively, I actually had over 200oz of breastmilk stored in the freezer and for some reason it was never used so I could have probably easily gone a bit longer with it, but not sure why we didn’t and also I stopped pumping because my supply dropped (I actually didn’t realise it was cause I was about to get my period) and so I couldn’t keep up with what she was drinking and stopped.


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