Post Christmas Clean Up

27 Dec

You’ve just overwhelmingly opened the hugest mountain of gifts you’ve ever seen in your life and think, where is this going to all fit!? If you didn’t get chance to de-clutter before Christmas Day hit, now is the time to do it!

Create this simple rule, for every one item in – get rid of one item in turn.

A new DVD to add to your collection? Then get rid of one that you know no longer serves any use to you! How about a new Christmas pajama set – purge one that no longer fits! Your kids toys have multiplied times a hundred? Again for every one in get rid of another. If you’re feeling ambitious how about for every one get rid of two!

What about those gifts that you receive that you have no use for? If there is a possibility in re-gifting the item pack away in your gift closet and make sure to keep a note as to who gave it to you so that you avoid any sticky situations!

Also with Christmas toys the old ones may have lost their zeal, but are still items that your children will return to, how about storing in a plastic container in whichever storage area you have in your house to then cycle them out in a few months when the ‘new toy’ excitement has passed!

As FlyLady says it’s never too late jump in where we are! 🙂


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