The Countdown

27 Dec

With my 14th January due date the countdown is now officially on! After all of the complications who knew I would even make it this far!

Now sleepiness is kicking in in the highest form… I think my body is trying to tell me something? Perhaps that I need to sleep now while I can? Or maybe this is how you’re going to feel in a couple weeks so might as well get accustom from now! Lol something tells me it’s the latter.

For all the parents with two kids, how was it adjusting to number two? I know I’m scared, especially as I barely cope some days handling one and have serious thoughts as to how I’m going to cope with two! I have to say though I really do strongly believe you are never given more than you can handle, however, I’m shocked that anyone thinks I can handle this much!

Balancing everything – daughter number one, child number two, managing the house getting into cooking wow I hope I get better at all of this!

Boy am I bringing in the new year with a bang!


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