My POS General Experience

2 Jan

Now before you even start to cringe or think the thoughts of ‘you good yes’ sometimes decisions are made simply because there is no other choice.

With the rising private medical costs that occur in this country we just couldn’t think of any other way to afford a delivery unless we asked for parents help. Which, unless totally necessary we absolutely hate to do!

We have (and we’re very proud of this) somehow managed to keep afloat despite all the very high cost of living, though we may be ‘just getting by’ at times there are plenty times where we’re doing great and have reason to be proud!

The costs of having a natural delivery are in excess of $10,000, which is money that we just do not have, and even if we did, saving that money towards something more important is more beneficial to us in the long run than any of my short term comforts.

Bearing that in mind, POS General is not nearly as bad as people think, and has had some upgrades (hello a/c’ed wards!) which was quite a welcomed surprise this time around! (Yup this actually my second delivery at POS General)

I have short quick deliveries, which equals me only being there for the one night and I’m home the next day.

You come into contact with many very friendly nurses and people that are all around very great to deal with. My mid wife who delivered me (I believe her name was Maria) was great!

Everyone says oh but you’ll be delivering by yourself. For everyone’s benefit I’m sure you’d like to know that you can actually have someone present with you at the delivery on the condition that you attend 7 Lamaze classes at POS General, when we did it with my daughter it used to be a Wednesday at 1pm now I’m not sure when it happens but it would be great info to find out.

Anyway once this is done you are able to get a letter from the nurses, which you can show when you come in to deliver. Good to note in those 7 sessions one must be a labour and delivery session to ensure you are able to be present.

I have to say that those classes we’re fantastic and extremely informative, my husband and I (at the time he was the bf) learnt so much more from these classes than we did at our privately attended course at Mamatoto. Though we didn’t do the classes at POS this time around (regrettably) so I can’t give any updated info!

You basically go in to be admitted and you labour until you are dilated sufficiently to go downstairs to labour and delivery. Once delivered you remain on wards downstairs (101) until you are transferred to the upstairs wards (201 hmm maybe 202). Where you stay the night, nurses check on you, if you have any questions – you’re able to ask and you’re in a general area, which though not private is sufficiently comfortable.

You have a bathroom right nearby, as you have to pass urine every 2 hours, so it’s no huge trek after everything you’ve been through.

Of course there are strict visiting hours which are from 11am – 12pm and 4:30 – 5:30pm, happily those times came quickly on both days and it was nice to see hubs and everyone else! Of course I had to wait to see my darling when I reached home the next day since children aren’t allowed on the wards (I know that this is true in St. Clair as well, I’m not sure if Westshore has a no kids policy).

All in all, though I always hate the thought of going to POS General but – free equals FANTASTIC and of course knowing that if ANYTHING were to go wrong with baby, we’re in the BEST place as that’s the exact place he/she will be taken to if there is an emergency.

Initially when he was supposed to be a preemie dr. had said instantly you know you’re delivering in POS right? Lol it also helps that my Dr. is a consultant of a unit and as a result also boosts my confidence in going to POS.

All in all I can’t complain πŸ™‚ I’m home with my happy healthy baby and I ain’t doing too bad myself! πŸ™‚


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