Ugh Breastfeeding

4 Jan

So here I am again with number two, who can’t latch on (I just don’t have breastfeeding boobs clearly) and I’m pumping all over again.

Except this time I have a wining toddler and no drive whatsoever to pump and care with the whole breast is best nonsense!

I’ve been giving him breastmilk and formula this time around and man all I can say I formula is such a relief. I don’t feel guilty this time around for him having it. I guess that’s cause of my whole other stupid oh well some breast is better than none nonsense!

Can you tell I’ve reached the I just don’t care point? I’m going to try my best to pump at least twice a day so that he’d get some. But I just can’t do much more this time. I should add my real frustration with pumping this time around is I’m just in pain! I realized the size breastshields I’ve used all this time are actually too large, I’ll try to get some smaller ones and then my confidence may be restored.

But right now I’m just demotivated! 😦

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