Not so nice me

11 Jan

Lol this was a post I wrote a couple weeks ago, which I forgot to publish and just thought I had to share! 🙂

Everyday is becoming a difficult day… I think I barely have patience to cope anymore and have realized some of the most drastic changes in my attitude this pregnancy!

It is no lie I was a dream come true with my daughter – you can ask my husband and he will actually reply that is true. But this time around I am a BEAST, don’t cross me unless you’d like to get a cuss and a half for just being next to me.

Boy do I hope this is all a phase and things calm down next month when I’m no longer pregnant because I’m feeling sorry for the people around me.

I have to admit I do try to answer people desirably, you know sound like I care and shit… but I’m realizing doing so and pretending isn’t easy for hot mouth me.

On a normal non-pregnant day I have a very very hot mouth, however, combination with pregnancy equals deadly. I really do need to learn how to calm down before I give myself high blood pressure at this late stage in pregnancy/early stage in life!


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