Thought Provoker – Sex Education

13 Jan

So today I’m going to ask the question what do you think about Sex Education? Our society is very ‘reserved’ and have only recently started coming out of the box where this is concerned. Which to me is a great step forward because I think sexuality is a VERY important topic when it comes to parenting.

I’m not talking about teaching your children how to have sex, but teaching you children ABOUT sex. Too often we see someone get pregnant at the age of 16 because they are powerless, why? Because knowledge is power, and when we withhold it we create powerless teenagers/young adults.

Don’t go into too much of an uproar. But I am sure there are many of you moms and dad’s who think about the fact that our children do need education in this – in a way that is factual and provides our children with a means of expressing themselves in an open and honest way. Children should be able to ask questions as they see fit and have someone who can address them with honesty and openness but in ways appropriate to the age of the audience and not in any way further.

It’s about time that we provide full disclosure, telling people abstinence is best will only take you so far, have we not learnt this as yet? Why are our young adults prohibited from learning about the anatomy and sexual behaviours/decision making or orientation? Must we only use scare tactics of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases as a means of promoting abstinence?

Why not give children the knowledge to know yes abstinence is key, but knowing what forms of contraception exists, how their body works, why they feel certain ways, isn’t that important?

I really think this is something missing from our high schools, I went to an all girl, catholic high school and got very tired of hearing abstinence is the only way… it would have been way more enlightening to know the ins and outs of reproduction, relationships, and of course contraception options available, because the knowledge needs to be there so it can be applied effectively.

What do you as parents think and feel with regards to this?


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