Angel Sleeps

17 Jan

And he sleeps.. and he sleeps… well in all fairness he wakes up to poop, then eats and goes back to sleep! Ah bliss! As a friend just pointed out he’s going to give a bad impression and make ladies think pregnancy and motherhood is awesome! However, I had my daughter first so I know better! But I know for a fact some parents to get than angel the first rounds then get hit for six when they have the ‘wicked’ one lol.

I have to say my daughter is AMAZING! I wouldn’t change her for ANYTHING, but man does she test me and my husband daily!

Come lets go bathe I say to her, “I bathe last night” is her response. Did you laugh? Cause my husband and I did! Or when you say DON’T DO IT and she watches you and steupses ah yes! This time we hold back a laugh!

Every single day something else happens that either makes us thing ‘why do you not listen’ or ‘aww, she’s so cute ah!’ yup both feelings occur many times during the day! When she’s asking to watch Dora then says no Diego then no doggie then… get my point?

I love my daughter, and my son! πŸ™‚ My husband too πŸ™‚ but WOW some days are challenging… thankfully one of my Angel’s sleeps while the other looks for every activity under the sun to keep her occupied! πŸ™‚


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