Babysitting Chaos

19 Jan

Chaos can occur once children are involved regardless of if they’re with you or a family member! You know you’ve got a sticky situation when you don’t know what the formula looks like when you mix a bottle, which you then become so concerned by it’s appearance, you throw it down the sink (can you believe she did that! I mean that’s like $4 gone down the drain lol) thinking this MUST be bad!

So let me free up my sister a bit – my daughter was breastfed via bottle exclusively for 4 months. I.e. I pumped breastmilk and she received it through a bottle, when she was first born we were living with my mom and everyone in the house knew the process – screaming begins, you put a cup of water in the microwave to warm while you’re pouring milk from a 32oz bottle into her 2oz bottle for a feed. Water done – drop the bottle in and let it warm up, bounce baby while trying to console her that the wait will be over soon – ok bottle is warm – in mouth! Ah silence!

Clearly so accustom to this process (which now, was 2 years ago, damn does time fly!) she just doesn’t even know what a bottle that she has to prepare formula looks like!

So when she mixes 2 scoops in 3oz of water and gets a ton of clumps, which she describes to me “looks like banana gone bad” LOL she had to throw it away. I’m like uh you just needed to mix it a bit more! Anyhoo! It inspires her to panic and freak out, which she then goes into the fridge to use a meager amount that’s in there (I think I’m drying up :(), the date on the bottle is the 15th, so unfortunately not good anymore, poor boy throws it up, she then figures out oh wait one scoop to 2oz (why she didn’t read the can first I have no idea, you would also think when someone leaves pre measured formula in a WHITE container for you and says ok one to 2oz, you won’t open the coloured container and attempt to use it with 3oz of water, who knows where she even got that measurement!!).

Yup my sister! She cracks me up too lol!


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