Our Chaotic Country

24 Jan

Last night at just after 10:45pm there were three gun shots. I initially thought nothing of it because it sounded so fake. There was this weird feedback sound I don’t know if it was because it was so close but it just didn’t sound real.

Don’t know what possessed us, but we looked out the kitchen window and there lay a dead body in the road surrounded by police.

Now several things are extremely disturbing about this whole scene. In no particular order:

1. Life can be taken in one split second – enjoy it!
2. No where in this country is safe, which brings me to number three.
3. As beauty queen Kamla slept, this scene occurred RIGHT OUTSIDE HER HOUSE. This strikes me as just unbelievably insane!
4. The body could be seen right from my daughters window, which thankfully because of her age she did not feel inclined to look out the window to the horrible sight, which was literally a stones throw away.
5. Forgot to add this body lay uncovered on the floor until after 1am!

What is going on? I hear today that he was shot for dancing on someone! Uh what!? Jealously is a hell of a thing, to the extent that someone has to be killed over it? This whole scene was so upsetting.

Mostly from the standpoint of a mother at just how close to home it was. My neighbour, home by herself, immediately messages me to ask if it was gunshots, which I confirm it was and someone is dead.

We then worry should we be in a state of fear seeing that the shooter could have easily hid in our apartment complex!?

Granted it wasn’t just a random spree, but that doesn’t make it any less terrifying.

I’m just so disappointed and I really think that parties should not take place in residential neighbourhoods period. I could give a shit that the prime ministers house is there. Our communities safety on the whole are far more important that some bump and grind fete and this coming from a 24 year old who’s priority should fall into this category, however, this is utter bullshit.

I hope this is pointed out in the press that this incident occurred but also where it occurred seeing as to who is my neighbour.

I wonder when the pageant will end and the real life duties will actually begin…

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