Mission declutter

3 Feb

I’m doing it again, decluttering and this time I’m revisiting my closet.

I always get rid of a few pieces here and there but this time I was brutal, I got rid of duplicates in colors I didn’t love and kept bare essentials that I know I’d use. No more button tops ‘incase’ for breastfeeding (we all know that was an epic fail), no more work shirts when I don’t even have an office job, nor do I intend to.

I have to admit even though I’ve managed to purge all those shirts a long time ago for some reason I ALWAYS hang on to the pencil skirts and work pants. Those work pants fit amazingly and I just refuse to get rid of the 4 of them regardless. I also love the 3 pencil skirts, mind you I haven’t used them in years. Ok I’m going to gt rid and keep 1 skirt and 2 pants, that’s right that’ll be all.

I wear vests A LOT I think they’re a great staple, however, I just never feel like I’m put together well enough (need to dress better! I have to admit my resolution in 2010 when I went to Miami was to do exactly this, dress better, and I’ve held it up VERY well, you can’t pop over and ketch me off guard looking like utter crap anymore even though I’m home! I make sure to take pride in how I look), despite this there are still days where I think I can do more. Perhaps I’ll get there.

I also have a lot of pull over type tops to dress up these said vests!

I counted all of my clothing last night, pants, tops, dresses and I have 105 pieces, which I managed to get rid of 29 leaving me with 76. I’m going to go back again and see if I can even get rid of more!

Oh I counted because of some clutter fat challenge thing I read about but for some reason can’t get to the actual course. Go figure!

I’m going to continue posting on my de-cluttering one step at a time. It’s amazing how great I feel after all I did last year during pregnancy so I want to continue my de-cluttering.

Here’s a pic of the cupboard now that I’ve eliminated those 29 pieces of clothing!

Also check out the picture of everything I got rid of.

I’m so proud! šŸ™‚


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