Declutter – thoughts – linen closet

6 Feb

I sit here reading about ‘minimalism’ on various blogs and one I had to read what was considered the ‘right’ amount of linens in your closet. I see generally that each person has 2 towels, some people live with 1 and the same goes for sheet sets. Some people have eliminated the use of hand towels completely and keep one extra set of towels and sheets for guests use.

I have to say no hand towels in my home will never happen. I can’t stand going to the bathroom in other peoples homes and having no towel to wipe my hands off. I see their bath towels and thoughts of ‘where that’s been’ run through my head and I just can’t do it! Lol

I’m going to go through that linen closet objectively. I have about 5 sets of sheets for my bed (amazing I started with two and boy have I multiplied) and we have around 10 towels, which in technicality would be fine for us if we went by having 2 for each member of the house and 2 guests. But I wash weekly and can safely say, when I do, all the towels are completed by that evening so we have nice warm towels ready for our evening bath. Something tells me I’m going to be emptying!

If its one thing I’ve learned having more just equals putting off washing cause I can just pull a new towel out, so then I end up washing two loads or more on linen day when I haven’t kept up with my ‘weekly’ schedule.

This also applies for clothing! How many times have you just continued dirtying clothing until all your underwear runs out, I know we do this often! Which means for us, stretching out the washing schedule a bit :). Also, I have to admit I really wear the same underwear over and over because they fit better, look better and are just nicer! I do the same with clothing, even the towels, glasses I drink from, diapers I choose to put the kids in.

To be honest I have favourites in all of these things, but I rotate everything in my house on a last in last out basis so that everything gets even wear. My analness is what prevents me from just using the same things repeatedly.

Except clothing I have I admit I wear what is comfortable and looks good, also when hubby puts the LO’s in his favorites I can’t blame him!

My washing schedule is weekly but I can safely say I even still have underwear left, not my favourite ones but underwear nevertheless. I basically end up washing because the hamper is full, but not actually because all our clothes are dirty.

I’m seeing A LOT of opportunities for decluttering here… Are you?

Take a look at my shameful linen closet. I have to admit when I first organized this cupboard it looked beautiful… Man do I ever see the importance of maintenance!


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