Where are my heels?

11 Feb

Well they don’t exist anymore! I realized as they sat in my cupboard dry rotting due to lack of use they were just clutter. So in my true form and fashion I got rid of them, what was good, I gave away, and what wasn’t, were thrown away.

Funny – true story, my favorite red heels were these gorgeous cork heeled peep toes oh how I savoured wearing them for my nights on the town (k Zen and 51 kind of lame I know) so a year and 2 months after having my daughter, October 2010, I pull them out for a friends birthday lime at Frankie’s.

I’m not much of a drinker, though I do find myself sipping a few these past couple weeks due to just pure over indulgence appreciating that I’m actually allowed to have some! I digress (told ya this would happen often).

Anyhoo so here we are liming, drinking, having a good time, slight head in place and I’m walking over to my husband and I feel like I’ve stepped on something weird. I look down see nothing and proceed to walk off, then I feel it again! What the hell is that I’m thinking, then somehow manage to gain some perspective and realise it’s my… dun dun dun… sole of my shoe, yup you’re reading that correctly the damn thing is flapping!

As I try to walk it flips under and gives me quite an interesting walking experience. I had to walk backwards to make it to the car to borrow a friends shoes lol cause walking forward was well, a challenge to say the least…

Damn you sexy red heels for dry rotting! However, I cant blame you since it’s my fault you haven’t been used in 2 years… May you rest in peace!

Ah what I’d give to put on one sexy pair of killer heels… I’d need to buy one first! 😉


One Response to “Where are my heels?”

  1. sarabayphotography February 11, 2012 at 11:20 pm #

    That happened to my pair too:)

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