30 Days to an Organized Home Challenge Giveaway

20 Feb

Sorry I’ve been late on posting these details. We’re going to be giving away 3 copies of 30 Days to an Organized Home by Tracy Roberts over at Moms In A Blog. To enter you have to comment on this post with why you deserve a copy of 30 Days to an Organized home as well as like us on facebook at Pretty Chaotic and also like Moms in a Blog on facebook. In the 30 Days we’re going to cover the following, don’t worry if you don’t have the room we’re covering (I don’t have a few of them) I’ll just post some other room or task I’ll cover instead.

Week One Day 1 The Spot Day 2 Front/Entry Closet Day 3 Formal Living Room Day 4 Family Room Day 5 Surprise Day 6 Junk Drawer Day 7 Mud Room/Laundry Room Week Two Day 8 Home Office, Part 1 Day 9 Home Office, Part 2 Day 10 Fun Project: Family Binder Day 11 Kitchen Pantry/Food Storage Area Day 12 Refrigerator Day 13 Kitchen Day 14 Fun Project: Recipes/Cookbook
Week Three Day 15 Half Way Point: Master Bedroom Day 16 Master Bedroom Closet Day 17 Master Bathroom Day 18 Closets Day 19 Bathrooms Day 20 Organize Your Computer Files Day 21 Gathering Your Valuables Week Four Day 22 Children’s Rooms Day 23 Fun Project: Home Binder Day 24 Basement/Attic/Playroom Day 25 Garage, Day 1 Day 26 Garage, Day 2 Day 27 Create a Disaster Kit Day 28 Fun Project: Insurance Binder Day 29 Finish up Insurance Binder Day 30 Congratulations!!

We’ll begin our 30 Days to an Organized Home Challenge from the 1st of March, I’m starting to think this may be a bit over ambitious with a newborn around, let me know when you guys think may be a better date to start?


One Response to “30 Days to an Organized Home Challenge Giveaway”

  1. writes4god February 23, 2012 at 8:52 pm #

    Why should I not enter? I am an undergraduate student who is chronically neatness challenged. I have very little organizational skills and my room usually looks like WW3! Unfortunately the disorganization has spread to the rest of our house since my Dad died a year ago. Mom and I did not have the energy at first and now it has truly gotten out of hand……we need help!

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