30 Days to an Organized Home Intro

24 Feb

Cleaning the house is a daunting task, worse yet when there isn’t a place for everything and the quick clean up, spurs a whole house overhaul. Which, in turn you then begin to feel totally overwhelmed as you realize as you open the draw to put away a pen that that draw is a total disaster and needs to be organized.

If you’re anything like me the S.H.E. (sidetracked home executive) comes out when you sit cleaning the draw out after thinking wait a second wasn’t I just doing a quick clean up? If this sounds anything like you (cause it’s SO me) then maybe we can, together, take the 30 Days to an Organized Home Challenge.

It’s from Tracy Roberts over at Moms In A Blog and gives us 30 days of focused cleaning tasks throughout rooms in our homes. If you’d like to follow along, then purchase the book it’s $12US and you can tune in to each days activities.

See below for the breakdown of the rooms we’ll cover.

Week One

Day 1 The Spot

Day 2 Front/Entry Closet

Day 3 Formal Living Room

Day 4 Family Room

Day 5 Surprise

Day 6 Junk Drawer

Day 7 Mud Room/Laundry Room

Week Two

Day 8 Home Office, Part 1

Day 9 Home Office, Part 2

Day 10 Fun Project: Family Binder

Day 11 Kitchen Pantry/Food Storage Area

Day 12 Refrigerator

Day 13 Kitchen

Day 14 Fun Project: Recipes/Cookbook

Week Three

Day 15 Half Way Point: Master Bedroom

Day 16 Master Bedroom Closet

Day 17 Master Bathroom

Day 18 Closets

Day 19 Bathrooms

Day 20 Organize Your Computer Files

Day 21 Gathering Your Valuables

Week Four

Day 22 Children’s Rooms

Day 23 Fun Project: Home Binder

Day 24 Basement/Attic/Playroom

Day 25 Garage, Day 1

Day 26 Garage, Day 2

Day 27 Create a Disaster Kit

Day 28 Fun Project: Insurance Binder

Day 29 Finish up Insurance Binder

Day 30 Congratulations!!


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