Declutter sale

2 Mar

As I declutter everything in sight this inspires me to have a declutter sale where everything will be $40 or less with a lot of the items being on the $20 mark.

I’ve already gone through baby clothing, so I have tons of stuff in newborn size and I will add books, makeup (I used to sell mineral makeup do it’s actually some great stuff), amongst many other things.

Do you ladies want to join in? This can be our common goal at the end of our 30 day challenge.

I know how hard it is to emotionally let go of all this stuff at giveaway prices, but ask yourself, how much longer will you continue to keep this clutter that disrupts your sense of freedom because you refuse to let go? Accept that it is money spent, and wasted and now it’s time to give it to someone who will use and appreciate the item.

Don’t worry a lot of my stuff I have the same guilt association but I’m realizing holding on to it forever waiting for that day when I use it, is truly pointless!

I’ll post some of the items for sale soon 🙂


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