SmartPhone Free

3 Mar

My cellphone is making me stupid…

I mentioned a while back on the Facebook page that I was considering a cell phone free life. Every month bmobile cuts my cell phone before my bill is even due, (my payment is due the 3rd of every month and I usually get cut way before as early as the 17th/18th of the month) because of their stupid ‘credit limit’. So even though my account isn’t even in arrears or anything I get cut thanks to it.

I go through this almost every single month, and stupidly just take it! However, this time I just left the phone, let it get cut and it’s been around 3 weeks maybe more now that I haven’t been able to dial out and I don’t care!

I use my cell phone primarily for these three reasons 1. To whatsapp friends/family 2. Take pictures 3. Web browse/read. Note well receiving calls isn’t even on that list! Seeing that the handful of people I see and talk to often in life either Skype, whatsapp me or just come over!

I spend a lot of time on my phone browsing and using whatsapp, I mean A LOT to the point where I now feel as though it’s making me a bad mother/wife. (I used to spend too much time on the computer but that’s another post!)

Think about how many people you see on a daily basis buried in their phones, utilizing this ‘tool’ we no longer effectively use it, but let it run our lives.

So now I find myself withdrawing from technology on the whole, realizing that my family above all is the most important thing to me. I love blogging, but not at the expense of my family time, so I’m happy to say I maintain a very happy medium between the two.

So I’m selling my cellphone *shameless plug an iPhone4 factory unlocked in white!* and I am going to be cellphone free.

Since I will have no cellphone I’ll have a house phone instead, which will be significantly cheaper to maintain per month than a stupid postpaid phone. I’ll also have my work cellphone, which is really for phone calls related to work only. My husband has also decided to get rid of his postpaid phone, and maintain a work cellphone.

You may ask but how is that different you will have a cellphone anyway, but the answer to that is simple. I will have a work phone, a very simple basic phone made for just receiving calls, which is on from 8-5 for business calls relating to the community newspaper I work for. No Internet browsing, no whatsapp nothing just a basic phone and that’s it.

I’m tired of being a slave to technology because I don’t have the willpower to resist, using it aimless and mindlessly. Now I will use the computer/iPad for any of my major communication needs and get rid of the iPhone, which unfortunately is a time waster for me and doesn’t make me productive in anyway. Damn you smart phone and all your bells and whistles!

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